Text Parents About Homework to Boost Exam Results – Study

Researchers found efforts such as joining Scouts or exposure to classical music led to little or no impact on attainment

Texting parents about their children’s homework proved to be cheaper and more effective in improving exam results than a series of other efforts, including joining the Scouts, exposure to classical music or individual tuition over the internet, according to new research.

Trials funded by the Educational Endowment Foundation found no substance in a number of myths, with most of the studies showing little or no impact in terms of attainment even if several resulted in improved self-confidence and teamwork.

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Five Best Chicken Recipes For Weight Loss

Lemon Roasted Chicken5 Best Chicken Recipes For Weight Loss

Weight loss diet plan is one of the most challenging task if you are a meat lover. But now there is no need to avoid meat completely, you can eat chicken while on weight loss diet. Here in this article you can set what you can eat in chicken whether it is grilled, roasted or fried so these 5 Best Chicken Recipes For Weight Loss will remain your weight as you want while on dieting and eating.

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14 Things Dads Can Do To Show Their Daughters They Love Them

Whatever your love language may be, here are fourteen things dads can do to show their daughters they love them:
1. Love her mother
If there is one thing you take away from this list I hope it is this: love your daughter’s mother. When a father shows devotion to his wife, he is ultimately showing his daughter what she should be looking for in a man. Fathers who live up to their role in a marriage, are creating an expectation and security blanket for their daughters to admire and seek after in their own future relationships.

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12 Dangerous Symptoms in Children You Should Never Ignore

Children's Health - PsvpTamilWhen we become parents, the well-being of our children becomes one of our top priorities. When they are afflicted with an extreme illness, our concern increases because seeing our children suffer brings a feeling of helplessness unlike any other.

Because of this, the first sign of something abnormal makes us jump to see an expert or find a way to cure the illness before it escalates beyond our control. However, even with the all-seeing eye of a parent, we can sometimes overlook the dangerous symptoms of disease.

Here are some of those dangerous symptoms that should never be ignored:
1. High fever
In the case of a baby up to three months old, a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit and above should be immediately checked out. For a baby that is three to six months old, a high fever is considered to be anything above 101 degrees. After that, a high fever for your child is usually about 103 degrees Fahrenheit.

Remember that the level shown on the thermometer is not the only important thing to consider when diagnosing an problem. If the fever is still low, but the child is very unwell, contact your pediatrician.
2. Long-term fever
If, after four hours of using antipyretic drugs, the fever has still not lowered, or if an untreated fever (high or low) has lasted for more than five days, seek medical help as soon as possible.
3. Fever associated with headache
Be very wary of complaints of neck pain, a stiff neck or headaches associated with fever, as these symptoms can often be associated with meningitis.
4. Red spots on the skin
Allergic reaction to a number of diseases such symptom needs to be examined so appropriate treatment can be initiated. If you notice any spots, consult a pediatrician.

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